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BuilderEngine Web Engine - Open Source CMS Platform

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Latest Features

Updated: May 2018

Standard Designer

The Edit Designer has been replaced with Standard Designer in giving more options to control blocks, add blocks & design pages without any toolbars getting in the way.

New Blocks

Hundreds of new blocks have been added from content to module blocks. Blocks can also be dragged from the new left sidebar onto pages.

New Modules

There is now 10 featured packed modules added with a complete range of options in the Dashboard to control each one.

New Page Controls

Module pages can now be fully controlled with the Designer Editors to reshape and add other blocks into the pre-designed pages.

UI Updated

The Admin Dashboard and Frontend toolbars have all been updated with new designs & functions to improve the experience using BuilderEngine.

Performance & Security

A major clean-up on performance is done for page loading & loading of files. Security improved across the system core.

Payment Gateways

Updated with latest APIs, including the module showing all orders across all e-commerce modules in one place & more.

Cloud Account

Major overhaul on builderengine.com cloud accounts to improve the experience & the underlying structures.

Design Editors

Frontend Control

Design pages, add new content, edit text and images on every page you view with the frontend editor toolbar.

Standard Designer

Change layouts, move or resize blocks with drag & drop, and add new content / blocks to pages with this easy to use mode.

Advanced Designer

Use this mode to build / edit pages that contains more options and controls once you have mastered the Standard mode.

CK Word Editor

Add/Edit text and images with the web's most powerful word editor in giving you a ton of options with styles & more.

Custom CSS & Styles

Every block, column, row, section has options to change colors, backgrounds & images. Also add your own CSS & Classes.

Responsive Devices

All themes support large screen, small laptop, tablets & phone sizes. Automatically responsive changes when you edit a page.

Custom HTML

Using the CK Editor Source option to add your own custom HTML code or embed codes with the Generic or General Blocks.

Page Versions

Every page published is saved as a previous version that you can restore at any time going back or forward to different versions.

Revert Custom Content

Revert site-wide or per page your custom content & layouts to the original example content and theme designs.

Page Structures

Add new Columns of different sizes that will hold your Blocks, new Rows and new Sections to quickly build new pages or re-arrange layouts.

Free Move Option

Move Blocks outside of the responsive rules to anywhere on the page using the absolute positioning mode. Responsive states will be affected by using this.

Block Settings

Access most block controls & options with Standard & Advanced Designers. Select animations for every block or page structures with one click.

Admin Dashboard

Administration Backend

A complete backend for your website to manage control, settings and options in how it works.

Website Settings

Turn on / off most features and abilities with ease. Every section contains multiple pages to adjust everything needed.

Website Access

Instantly turn your website into a members based only or certain pages viewable to certain usergroup members.

File Manager

Powerful file manager to view directories, add new folders, upload / download multiple files and password access options.

Image Editor

Using the File Manager Image Editor to resize, crop, rotate, and other adjustments to every image.

Website Pages

View all pages created and add new pages with custom urls, page access, pre-made templates and SEO options.

Navbar / Main Menu

Access your websites menu links here and to add new menu buttons/links with various options including access control.


Add Google Analytics to your website and view the system analytics of visitors, locations, who is online, server load, orders & more.

Backup & Restore

Backup your content, database, and files as many times as you want. Restore each part with one click option.

Security Options

Ban members or visitors from failed login attempts, suspend members, control manually who can join as a member, and turn on/off the website HTTPS.

SEO Engine

Add your main website description, keywords and for every page with multiple options to control search bots accessing your website & help rank higher.

Member Accounts

View all members on your website and change details from emails to passwords. Add new members manually, assign new administrators or page managers.

Member Dashboards

Your website members have their own dashboards where they can edit their account details, allow them to delete their account or not and much more.

Member Groups

Assign members to different usergroups by default or manually, turn on / off the roles that each usergroup can access or do on your website.

Manage Modules

Turn on/off every module, who can access or use them quickly. Every module comes with multiple pages of different settings to manage it from the Admin Dashboard.

Marketplace & Cloud Account

Access new themes to install from the marketplace on builderengine.com and links to key settings to control your website in your builderengine.com account.

Usergroup & Members


Usergroups is different groups that your website members are assigned to and each usergroup has settings / roles of what can or can not be done.

Add New Usergroups

Add as many usergroups as you want and adjust the settings of the roles across website access, page access and modules access / functions.

Default Usergroups

By default there is the Admin usergroup, Members for your users to join, Guests is visitors to your website & others are Page Managers.

Usergroup Modules

Every module has options to turn on / off various options that you can create a members based website out of it or limit members to them.

Members Sign-Up

Allow members to sign-up by email verification or manual admin approval with notifications in the Dashboard on awaiting new accounts.

Member Emails

Using the CK Word Editor to easy create custom welcome emails, approved emails, registered emails, member leaving emails & more.

User Dashboard Options

Turn on / off what abilities members have in their user dashboard and customize the default register & login pages.


View all members on your website and change details from emails to passwords. Add new members manually, assign new administrators or page managers.

SEO Engine

Default SEO

Add or edit your website title, meta description, meta keywords and add Google Analytics embed code that will be placed across all pages.

Pages SEO

Add or Edit the meta description / keywords for each page and adjust Google search bot settings. Custom rewrite URLs for increased SEO.

HTTPS Options

Turning on the HTTPS option will give a boost with the latest search engine trends on the SEO of your website.

Editor Options

Add your own SEO code when using the generic or general block on pages to enhance your website SEO ranking.


System analytics showing number of visitors, locations, server load, online members, orders by module or all, by devices & more.

Search Bots

Restrict access to any page to search bots (user dashboards automatically restricted) such as images, indexing, archive, follow, etc.

Searchable Structures

Pages, navbars, & modules contain clean HTML markup that is easily indexable by search engines to increase ranking without adjustments.

Image Tagging

Every image can be edited with the Image Manager to contain "alt" / "title" tags that search engines can index correctly & improve your SEO score.


Visitor Statistics

View total visitors, monthly visitors, daily visitors, percentage ranking on the past week, new unique visitors, and returning visitors.

Visitor Origins

Discover the world locations of your visitors, most popular locations to your website, and the loading referrers sending users to your website.

Visitor Details

Learn what devices your visitors are using, browsers used, operating system platforms, and the high / low server load your website is having.


How many new members signed up today, the total number of members, dates of registering and current online members logged in.

Module Analytics

Each module has various statistics from the number of blog posts created, forum comments, events booked, likes and more.

Orders & Payments

Statistics on orders per month / site-wide, number of products, wish-lists, sold ads, events or rooms booked, and more.

Media Statistics

Find out how many comments by people on videos, photos & audio tracks, number of albumns, & media uploads by members.

Google Analytics

Add Google or any other analytics embed code in one place, that will then be added across all pages and track extra details.

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