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BuilderEngine Web Engine - Open Source CMS Platform

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BuilderEngine gives you a powerful Web Engine to create complex websites with ease.

The Web Engine

Our goals with BuilderEngine is to empower people to create the websites of their dreams without barriers or high prices, and regardless of their skill level or experience.

BuilderEngine is the next generation of Website Builders & CMS Platforms, capable of developing complex websites within minutes, is highly customizable & flexible.

The freedom to create everything you wanted without the high price tag or months of development time to produce, BuilderEngine is the most featured packed & advanced CMS Platform that is capable of creating unique complex websites in minutes within easy to use controls with a powerful user interface.

Our Values

Innovate the Web

The next wave of websites need to go beyond the simple based websites with pretty themes that has dominated the web since the 90's without any major change from Website Builders or CMS Platforms.

Empower Individuals

BuilderEngine believes in the power of the individual & small teams to set the world alight with the next big (or small) thing - by using a Web Engine. (such as games engines & other ICT industries)

Break the Wheel

For too long the same tool-sets, plug-ins, common features are rebuilt again & again, unnecessary high costs & development delays. We are adding dozens of new modules in 2018 in covering every major type of website on the market & beyond.

Supporting the Future

A CMS Platform that lets you create any type of website you can imagine in an intuitive and fun way! BuilderEngine is about empowering you, startups, small businesses, & designers to reshape the rules of website creation.

BuilderEngine Partners & Supporters

Microsoft BizSpark Plus Startup

Microsoft BizSpark Startup


Microsoft Startup

Startlab Cohort 1

Startlab Galway Startup

BOI Startup

Bank of Ireland Startup

PorterShed Member

Portershed Startup Member

Enterprise Ireland

Enterprise Ireland Startup

Startup House - USA

Startup House Member

Executive Team

BuilderEngine Team

Keith Killilea

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

21 years web & video games development experience, skilled in ASM, C/C++, PHP, Javascript, CSS, HTML5, Cloud Networking, Hardware, Photoshop, 3D modeling.

BuilderEngine Team

David Norton

Co-Founder & Chief Operations Officer

25 years technology experience, 12 years Technical Architect in Telecoms & 3G, large scale infrastructure projects, Q/A, Programming, Customers, & Projects.

BuilderEngine Team

Zvonko Stojkov

Co-Founder & Chief Technical Officer

20 years development experience, business, advanced programming, platform & modules development, API’s, & system architecture.

BuilderEngine Team

Jason O'Sullivan

Legal Officer & Business Relations

15 years experience in Public Affairs, Solicitor, Mediator, Business, Investments, Non-For-Profits, and specialist on Laws in Ireland, UK & Europe.

Advisor Team

BuilderEngine Team

John Breslin

Smart Web & CMS Platforms

BuilderEngine Team

Michael FitzGerald

Sales & SaaS Platforms

BuilderEngine Team

Sidney Yuen

Business & Education

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BuilderEngine Ltd.
Eyre Square, Galway City.
H91 HY51, Ireland.

BuilderEngine Portershed

Updates & Releases

  • 27th May 2018
    Official BuilderEngine Release New Release

    The official release of the BuilderEngine Web Engine (Website Builder & CMS Platform). Major updates including new Standard Designer, New Blocks, New Modules, New Page Controls, User Interface updated, Performance & Security updated, Payment Gateways updated, Core Updates, and Cloud Account updated.

  • 15th February 2017
    Community Edition 1.0 Beta Released

    The V3 series reaching V3.5.2, takes the platform out of Alpha towards Beta and re-named as the BuilderEngine Community Edition.

  • 10th June 2016
    BuilderEngine Limited Business

    BuilderEngine Limited (company) is created out of Startlab, Galway, Ireland.

  • 09th April 2015
    CMS Version 3 Released

    The Open Source CMS (Content Management System) Beta Release of Version 3.

  • 13th October 2013
    CMS Version 2 Released

    The Open Source CMS (Content Management System) Beta Release of Version 2, showcased at the Web Summit in Dublin, Ireland.

  • 15th September 2012
    CMS Version 1 Released

    The Open Source CMS (Content Management System) Beta Release of Version 1.

SEO Engine

Default SEO

Add or edit your website title, meta description, meta keywords and add Google Analytics embed code that will be placed across all pages.

Pages SEO

Add or Edit the meta description / keywords for each page and adjust Google search bot settings. Custom rewrite URLs for increased SEO.

HTTPS Options

Turning on the HTTPS option will give a boost with the latest search engine trends on the SEO of your website.

Editor Options

Add your own SEO code when using the generic or general block on pages to enhance your website SEO ranking.


System analytics showing number of visitors, locations, server load, online members, orders by module or all, by devices & more.

Search Bots

Restrict access to any page to search bots (user dashboards automatically restricted) such as images, indexing, archive, follow, etc.

Searchable Structures

Pages, navbars, & modules contain clean HTML markup that is easily indexable by search engines to increase ranking without adjustments.

Image Tagging

Every image can be edited with the Image Manager to contain "alt" / "title" tags that search engines can index correctly & improve your SEO score.


Visitor Statistics

View total visitors, monthly visitors, daily visitors, percentage ranking on the past week, new unique visitors, and returning visitors.

Visitor Origins

Discover the world locations of your visitors, most popular locations to your website, and the loading referrers sending users to your website.

Visitor Details

Learn what devices your visitors are using, browsers used, operating system platforms, and the high / low server load your website is having.


How many new members signed up today, the total number of members, dates of registering and current online members logged in.

Module Analytics

Each module has various statistics from the number of blog posts created, forum comments, events booked, likes and more.

Orders & Payments

Statistics on orders per month / site-wide, number of products, wish-lists, sold ads, events or rooms booked, and more.

Media Statistics

Find out how many comments by people on videos, photos & audio tracks, number of albumns, & media uploads by members.

Google Analytics

Add Google or any other analytics embed code in one place, that will then be added across all pages and track extra details.

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