The Community Edition Release blog post gives more details on this release. Please take a read of it. 

Expanding the next release, we are looking at a couple of things:

  • Frontend Designers

The base system dates back a few years ago for both Website Creation by coding and editing with frontend. We are changing this to allow frontend website creation first, taking in all the advantages of quickly developing a website by GUI, while leaving coding to be done on more advanced / custom parts. This will make a major improvement and brings in faster development times as well less issues creating complex websites, while still having the door open for you to code any part if you so want. 

This will take a few months to get done and we have a prototype already built but now needs to be pushed in & developed out. More details will be released soon here on the Forums, and we are building this with a view that Designers & Developers can get better results by the GUI interface. 

  • Core Cleanups & Improvements

It will likely take 2-3 updates to get the core cleaned up with all the javascripts, css, etc running around. Structural changes and speed boosts, while making sure everything stays compatible with anything built from V1.0.5 onwards (we can't support older versions at this point with this). 

We will be updating various plugins in BuilderEngine, including the CK Editor (we might drop it for another at this point but please share your thoughts on this but overall it's for working with responsive websites better & formatting). 

The old user dashboard is getting removed out since we have the new modular version in working great, and we need to restructure the folders in the /builderengine/ core as its been built up for years with parts of it not really needed any more. As a small team we could not expand the system to where it is today while doing full clean-ups with every major change we did during alpha's to beta's to get the right mix from feedback. Now that the platform is fairly fixed to what it's to be, we can start this process now. 

We are also looking at doing Builder Wizards to help the website creation process and a type of "visual programming" by interface after this. Importing content from other websites is also another marker to do so to make it easier to bring over your websites to BuilderEngine in the future. 

Further details of these will go into the development forums section as we get into them. 

For now, you can download the V1.0.5 from and try it out. Please note that PHP 5.6 is ideal for installing since Codeigniter is used for installing and for PHP7, we need to do full tests yet as well for local installs again, any fixes required will go into the next update of 1.0.6. If you got issues, share them (in the issues section of the Forums), so we can track these & provide fixes. Thank you!